unpatch is the instrument manager. With it new instrument are loaded into the current session. All connected peers have control over all instruments of a session. Anyone can load any instrument, anyone can close any instrument.

unpatch’s user interface

saves current state (with the state of each instrument in the session) to file
loads a previously saved state from file into current session. Please mind that this closes all instruments of the current session.
upper scroll list (available instruments)
The upper scroll list lists all available instruments which are found in the directory configured in instruments path in netpd-preferences. Instruments are loaded into the current session by clicking on their name.
lower scroll list (active instruments)
The lower sections shows all instruments currently in use. Each instrument gets a unique ID assigned which allows to load many instances of the same instrument.
When enabled, unpatch is printing information about up|down|loading and closing instruments to Pd’s console.

unpatch’s command interface

/new <instrument>
create a new instrument from template. Replace <instrument> with the name of your new instrument. The new instrument contains all the boilerplate required for a working instrument and illustrates the usage of some of the available netpd-abstractions. Read some more about instrument creation.