latch2 records and plays back automation parameters. It records any parameter of any instrument that consists of only one number. More complex parameters are not supported.

Unlike latch3, the timing is not bound to the master clock. Changing master tempo or switching master on and off doesn’t influence automation playback of latch2. Playback is running freely. This can be fun sometimes, but it breaks netpd’s goal of delivering the exact same result on each client. If you mind that, use latch3.



Click the record button (red circle) of any free latch instance to start recording. This instance registers the name (OSC address) of the next single-number parameter that is touched. Once an address is registered, other parameters are ignored. Always ignored are parameters that are not single-number (like symbols or lists). Hit record button again to stop recording.


Once an automation has been recorded, it can be played back by clicking the playback button (green triangle). Playback is stopped by clicking the playback button again.