unpunch is the most recent (and probably the most advanced) note sequencer in netpd. It is similar to many MIDI-style piano roll sequencers that you might already know. Yet, it is the only note sequencer in netpd that supports note duration and velocity.

Its main features are:

  • editing with mouse actions and modifier keys
  • editing with key commands
  • copy&paste one or a group of notes
  • editing a group of notes simultaneously
  • navigation with key commands


Note creation and deletion

  • Click (on emtpy space): create a note
  • Double click (on note): delete a note
  • Ctrl_L + Click (on note): delete note

Note: Defaults are set in top section (velocity, duration, gid)

Note manipulation

  • Drag right end of note: change duration
  • Switch property selector in top section to velocity, duration, or gid. Value appears as number on each note. Numbers can be manipulated.

Note selection

  • Shift_L + Click (on note): toggle selection
  • Shift_L + (Click, Click) (twice on empty space): mark a region to select all notes within region.

Note: Marking many regions adds notes to selection instead of replacing current selection.

Note selection manipulation
  • ArrowKey: Move selection to given direction
  • Shift_L + ArrowKey: Increase step size to 1 octave, 1 bar respectively.
  • Ctrl_L + ArrowKey: Make a copy while moving selection
  • Del: Delete selected notes
  • Esc: Unselect all selected notes

Note: Key commands require keyboard to be toggled on

Toggle the grey bar above any default selector (velocity, duration, gid) to red. Subsequent default changes are applied immediately to whole selection

  • PgUp / PgDn: switch view by one page
  • Shift_L + PgUp / PgDn: switch view by one octave

Keyboard toggle

When using keyboard, key events are received when any Pd window has grab. In order to avoid unwanted edits and to allow many instances of unpunch, the keyboard toggle makes sure that at most one instance receives key events.