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Of course, the best way to interact with other people using netpd is through netpd itself. If no one else is online on netpd, then you might have some more luck reaching people through one of the other channels.


Discussion Forum
Discord server
  • Channel: #netpd (very little activity)


Some jams take place on regular or semi-regulare schedules. Feel free to join:

  • Thursday Evening @ 21pm (UTC)
    This is usually quite an interesting and fun jam with an open-minded and curious attitude, where never-heard-before sound territory is explored and instruments are used in unforseen ways.
  • Friday Morning @ 8am (UTC)
    This jam is usually more focussed on ambient and athmospheric music. Jams often start with building a structure in order to record a “listenable” piece later.

When joining an already running session, make yourself familiar with what is going on (maybe your peers are in the middle of a recording). Say hi and ask what people are working on. Feel free to contribute. It’s common practice that people work on instruments that they loaded themselves. But it is normally OK for anyone to tweak any instruments. Do not close instruments without notice. Learn to appreciate how things emerge. But then, sessions often profit from novel input of a fresh mind that shakes things up a bit.

Recordings from online sessions are considered nobody’s property and sharing results on public forums is the rule.