Get started

Install dependencies

In order to run netpd, you need to have Pd >= 0.52 and some externals installed.

The following externals are required:

  • iemlib
  • iemnet
  • osc
  • slip

Externals are installed through Pd’s menu HelpFind Externals. Search for a library name and click on the result to install it.

Note: netpd only supports vanilla Pure Data. netpd does not work with Pd-L2ork, because it introduced incompatibilities with vanilla Pd.

Install netpd

Download netpd from the download section. The client software and the instruments are hosted separately. If you want to make music right away using pre-built instruments, pick the bundle.

Unpack the archive to any location you have write access. That’s it.

Run netpd:

  • Open netpd/main.pd with Pd. chat automatically connects to the server and you can now chat with other peers that are currently online. Click list to get a list all connected users.
  • Click the unpatch button in chat to launch the unpatch instrument manager. If there is already a session going on, the instruments used in the ongoing session are automatically loaded (they are first downloaded from other peers, if necessary).
  • Load instruments into the current session by clicking on any of the instrument names in the upper scroll list. Alternatively, just type the name of the instrument (without the extension .pd) into the input box and hit enter.
  • Display an instrument’s GUI by clicking on its name in unpatch. You can now manipulate the instrument’s parameters. Any changes are instantaneously synchronized between clients. Anyone can manipulate anything, so please be cautious and considerate when joining an ongoing session.

If you’re lucky, someone is online and might help you get started. This is the easiest and fastest way to get accustomed to all the instruments and how they interact with each other. Of course, you can explore the instruments on your own as well. Maybe start with master and sine.


Using instruments

There are a handful of instruments available for netpd. Those are described in their own instruments section.

Creating instruments

Anyone can create their own instruments and use them in sessions with others. All aspects of creating new instruments or converting existing patches to instruments is described in instrument creation.

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