chat lets you talk to other netpd users. Click into the symbol box and type your message.

chat’s user interface

online (resp. offline)
indicates whether chat is connected to a server or not. Use it to connect or disconnect. chat will automatically try to connect the configured server when started.
prints a list of all connected peers. Each entry also indicated whether the respective peer has unpatch active.
opens dialog window to configure your netpd-preferences.
mutes and unmutes chat sounds (a bing when peers join or leave and a click on new chat messages).
turns on and off Pd’s audio computation. You can use it to turn any sound off
launches the unpatch instrument manager, it toggles it on and off. By closing unpatch you terminate the running session on your end. That means all your instruments will be closed and their state lost.

chat’s command interface

chat supports a few commands for debugging and controlling unpatch. They are inspired from IRC commands: Messages starting with a / entered to the chat input are interpreted as commands.

The following commands are supported:

print a list of all available commands.
/debug from on
print incoming messages to Pd window.
/debug from off
turn off printing incoming messages.
/debug to on
print outgoing messages to Pd window.
/debug to off
turn off printing outgoing messages.
/unpatch start
start unpatch.
/unpatch stop
stop unpatch.
/unpatch protect on
turn on unpatch’s protected mode. In this mode any interaction with peer’s unpatches is suppressed. This is useful when developing a new instrument.
/unpatch protect off
turn off unpatch’s protected mode.