This utility allows you to copy all or a subset of settings from one instrument to another.

For example, to synchronise two instances of the lilacid synth loaded into the 3rd and 4th slots of unpatch - set source to /3/lilacid and target to /4/lilacid by typing into the boxes and pressing enter. Toggle continuous synch on and off by clicking the first box on the right. The next box to the right can be used to trigger a sync refresh when continuous updating is off. Moving a slider on 3-lilacid will move the corresponding slider on 4-lilacid. The notes in the unstep sequencer will also be shared.

You can also synchronize parts between instrument and the instruments do not even have to be of the same kind, as long as the target understands what the source sends.


You can learn about the OSC addresses of any parameter by printing them out to the Pd console. You can do so by entering the following to the chat input:

/debug to on

Now every event causing an OSC message is printed. To turn it off again, simply do:

/debug to off

Example 1: Clone a full instrument

  • source: /12/rtfm
  • target: /15/rtfm

Example 2: Clone unstep to instrument of different kind

  • source: /4/sine/unstep/sine1
  • target: /5/rtfm/unstep/rtfm2

Example 3: Clone instrument’s insert fx to aux effects (mx-slots in aux-4)

  • source: /4/sine/insert
  • source: /6/mx/aux/4/insert/mx-slots/insert