master serves as the main clock for sequencers and the meta sequencer metaseq. It controls current “song” position and tempo. Tempo can be varied freely. The clock is output as an integer number counting upwards. One step represents a 16th note if we consider the beats in the BPM to be quarter notes. The clock itself is agnostic of any measure.



Start and stop master by clicking the left area.

Change tempo

Tempo is either changed by manipulating the tempo number display or moving the upper slider in the middle section.


The amount of shuffle ranges between 50% and 75%. The percentage represent the duration ratio between odd and even steps. 50% means odd and even steps have the same length. 66% means odd and even steps have a ratio of 2:1. 75% is similar to dotted notes.


master provides an abstraction master-poly that converts the master clock to a clock with an arbitrary integer number timing ratio. Some sequencers use that to create polyrhythmic patterns. Unfortunately, there are conceptual problems with supporting polyrhythmic patterns, thus support is still incomplete. It’s also unclear how shuffle and polyrhythms go along, thus shuffle is ignored when using master-poly.